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Teacher Administered Assessments

Before Beginning the Assessments 

  • The video clips and descriptions of the Fitness Skills and Movement Skills assessments will help ensure proper set-up of each task. The videos can be found in the Video Tutorials section by choosing Teacher's Guide from the top menu of the Teacher Dashboard.
  • Print any necessary diagrams and instructions. 
  • Print blank Recording Forms available under the Printable Guides link from the top menu of the Teacher Dashboard or click the Recording Forms button from the Teacher Dashboard to download forms that are pre-populated with the students’ names. 
  • It is important to share the rubrics with students prior to assessing their skills so students understand the expectations. 
  • Emphasize that the assessments support learning and improvement of individual student physical literacy and are not a grade.

During and After the Assessments

  • Assess students according to the Assessment Instructions included for each assessment. Offer other activities to students who are not being assessed. 
  • Enter students’ results and data upon completion of the assessment. Entering (recording) the data into the system is an essential component of Passport for Life. Electronic documentation will allow you to access the Student Passports and Class Passports.
  • Refer to The Passports section of the Teacher's Guide for information about the assessment results and the passports.