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Physical Literacy and Passport for Life

Passport for Life supports the assessment, development, advancement and understanding of physical literacy among students and teachers.

Passport for Life is...

  • an assessment of physical literacy for improving student learning,
  • a reflection of each student’s physical literacy, 
  • a tool that can be used for goal setting,
  • a set of standards for physical literacy that promote learning and positive attitudes, and
  • a resource created through an extensive development process including fundamental exercise science, research, evaluation and consultation.

Passport for Life is not...

  • an evaluation (report card mark),
  • a comprehensive (entire picture) assessment of physical literacy, or
  • a physical literacy “award” program.

Important Note: Passport for Life assessment results are NOT to be used as a report card grade. The individual student results are formative and designed to support the improvement of one's physical literacy.