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What is Passport for Life?

Passport for Life provides your child’s teacher with tools and resources to confidently assess and improve important areas of students’ physical literacy. The general concept of being literate involves education and having knowledge and competence. The concept of physical literacy is essentially the same, but applied to movement.

Passport for Life includes:

  • tools to assess student levels of physical literacy,
  • guides to help you interpret and use the results,
  • ideas and resources to help your child’s teacher improve the physical literacy level of your child,
  • connections to the mandated health and physical education programs of study in your jurisdiction, and
  • resources and connections to further your own knowledge and competence.

Passport for Life is…

  • an assessment of physical literacy for improving student learning,
  • a reflection of each student’s physical literacy, 
  • a tool that can be used for goal setting,
  • a set of standards for physical literacy that promote learning and positive attitudes, and
  • a resource created through an extensive development process including fundamental exercise science, research, evaluation and consultation.

Passport for Life is not…

  • an evaluation (report card mark),
  • a comprehensive (entire picture) assessment of physical literacy, or
  • a physical literacy “award” program.

Important Notes:

  • Despite the evidence for physical literacy, the degree that one chooses to strive for it is still highly dependent on values (personal, family and cultural), goals, abilities, and situations. 
  • Passport for Life has not been fully adapted for students with mobility impairments or cognitive/behavioural challenges. Teachers have been encouraged to adapt the assessments to meet the needs of these students.