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Student Online Surveys

The Active Participation and Living Skills assessments are online student surveys. 

These surveys can be completed in in a classroom with computer online access, assigned as homework, or the student surveys can be printed off and students can complete them by hand during physical education class and entered electronically at a later time. Please refer to the PDF document titled “Assessments” for downloadable and printable PDF version of the assessments or follow the Recording Forms link from the Teacher Dashboard.

Completing the Online Surveys

  • Students log in to their Passport for Life account and click on either the Active Participation Survey or the Living Skills Survey. 
  • Before each section, carefully go over the available responses and examples so that students understand their options. Remind students to respond from their personal perspective.
  • Consider having an alternate activity (reading, homework catch-up) available for those who complete the survey more quickly than others.

NOTE: Complete the surveys on separate days to avoid overloading your students.

Graphic illustrating the two online survey assessment components

Active Participation 

The Active Participation component is assessed through an online (self-report) survey completed by each student. It assesses the application of physical literacy through a variety of behaviours, diverse activity selections, and environments. Physically literate individuals move enough to experience health and fitness benefits, do a variety of physical activities, and are comfortable being physically active in a variety of environments including on ice/snow and land, and in water and air. They participate in physical activity both indoors and outdoors, at home, at school, and in the community. 

Living Skills 

The Living Skills component is assessed through an online (self-report) survey completed by each student. It assesses skills that enable individuals to succeed in life including physical activity behaviours, motivation, self-regulation, awareness, and interpersonal skills important for being active, healthy, and well for life—all components of physical literacy. 

The Living Skills Survey includes three components: Feeling, Thinking, and Interacting. 

Feeling reveals the amount of physical activity students engage in and their motivation (feelings of confidence, importance, autonomy, enjoyment, anxiety) in it.

Thinking assesses students’ relevant knowledge, understanding, critical thinking, and goal-setting behaviours.

Interacting provides a reflection of students’ problem-solving, personal and resource management, cooperation, and social skills