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An Introduction to the Passports

Once you have completed all the assessments and entered the student data into the online system, you will have access to two summary documents:

  • The Student Passport 
  • The Class Passport 

These passports will help you understand the physical literacy level of your students and classes as a whole. Once logged into the online platform, you can access more information about the Passports through the Teacher’s Guide.

The Student Passport 

The Student Passport is an individual overview of each student’s assessment results. A hard copy of the passport should be distributed to each student for personal awareness and reflection and also to bring home to share with parents. Teachers should use the Student Passport to engage students, their parents and the class in discussions about goal setting to enhance physical literacy. 

Each Student Passport consists of two sections:

    1. The Student Profile indicates the student’s intention for physical activity, and
    2. Assessment Results contain the bulk of the assessment data collected.

Access each student’s passport by selecting View/Edit Class in the class section of the Teacher Dashboard. Then, click Passport to the far right of each student’s name in the class list. 

The Class Passport 

The Class Passport is a collection of all the student data. This information can be used to understand your class’ physical literacy level as a whole and to guide lesson planning and address physical literacy gaps in your class. Please see the Targeting your Instruction section on the Teacher’s Dashboard for ways to improve your class’ physical literacy.

The Class Passport is accessible as a full summary or you may access a summary pertaining specifically to each Passport for Life component. 

To access the Class Passport as a full summary file of all four assessments, click Class Passport in the class section of the Teacher Dashboard. For component-specific assessment results in the Class Passport, select Summary to the far right of that component in the class section of the Teacher Dashboard on the website.