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Getting Started

Passport for Life’s online platform allows you to assess and understand your students’ physical literacy. Once logged into the online platform, you can access more information about creating your student accounts and assessing your students by following the link to Assessing Your Students in the Teacher’s Guide section.

Creating Student Accounts

Teachers generate student logins by adding student identification information to their class from the Passport for Life Teacher Dashboard. It is not necessary to enter students’ full name into the online system. You may create (or have the students create) a Passport for Life nickname, such as their favourite professional athletes, role model or cartoon character or student number as their Passport for Life identifier. If using student nickname/number, be sure to record student identification for later reference.

NOTE: Student names are solely used for the purpose of pre-populating the Assessment Recording forms and Student Passports however, they are stored in the online system. Please refer to your school’s policy to maintain student confidentiality.

Student Profile

When your class is ready to begin the assessments, each student must first complete their Student Profile in order to access the assessments. The Student Profile is a short demographic questionnaire that appears upon initial log in.

Have the students log in and complete the Student Profile (general demographic and activity questionnaire). Once this is complete, students will have access to the Active Participation and Living Skills online surveys. 

You can download and print the Student Profile to help your students complete their profile from the Printable Guides link on the Teacher Dashboard.

Next step…

Once your students are registerd, you are ready to begin the Passport for Life journey. The Passport for Life Assessments link to the left, provides an overview of the four physical literacy assessments.